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Welcome to the Mongolian hotels Forum. We’ve updated the web site and to layout of the Forum page in February, 2010. Our aim is to give the opportunity genuine and reliable information about Mongolia travel and online hotels, and get your invaluable suggestions to improve our web site.
Now you can discuss travel plans, find a travel companion, exchange travel information, advice, hints and tips. Get help, get connected, get inspired and choosing the right hotel in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Enjoy the Mongolia Forum and we are really thankful to have you here as part of our community.

Create date: 2010-04-21
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Replies: 32
How long is the train trip from Beijing to Ulaan Batur
how long is the train trip from Beijing to Ulaan Batur? Thank you for any info
Create date: 2010-02-21
Views: 71160
Replies: 4610
Beijing -Ulaanbaaatar- Beijing
hey all, wondering what's the cheapest way to get from beijing to ulaan bataar. am looking at the may holidays which should affect my journey somehow.
Create date: 2010-02-21
Views: 2397
Replies: 6
Selena Travel & Solid Ways Excellent Travel Arrangements
We used Selena Travel and it's partner Solid Ways Travel to make our travel and ger camp arrangements in Mongolia. They were excellent and I highly re
Create date: 2010-02-21
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Russian visa in Ulaanbaatar
Hello I am from Poland,I am looking travel agency who make a Russian visa (tourist or transit) I will have a train ticket Ulan Bator - Moscow How
Create date: 2010-02-19
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Mongolian visa on arrival
I am planning to visit Mongolia for less than 30 days this year. Is it possible to get Mongolia single (entry & exit) tourist visa at Ulan Bator in

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