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Hotel in Mongolia
Lion Hotel (Ulaanbaatar)
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Location: Near railway, Ulaanbaatar
Address: Railway Station`s street, 1st khoroo, Byangol district, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Hotel Map: See the hotel location on the map
Hotel Description

Lion Hotel is a small beautiful hotel where you can feel Mongolian real hospitality. Lion hotel is located near to the central train station. So it is available for travelers who visit in Mongolia shortly. Long stay and group rates are available upon request.

The Lion hotel has 3 types of 25 rooms complied 3 star hotel standards. There are 7 deluxe rooms, 9 semi deluxe rooms and 9 standard rooms. Billiard has 4 snookers, VIP room and 2 sauna with capacity 7-10 people. Mongolian, Asian and European cuisines are served in the restaurant which has capacity to receive 60 guests at once. The superior aspect of hotel that the staff can feel specific interest of each guests and serve them close conditions friendly. A heated indoor garage is available at Lion Hotel in case you need to take care of an automobile during your stay.

Lion hotel is located just few minutes short walk to the Railway Station. So it is available for travelers who visit in Mongolia shortly. Long stay and group rates are available upon request.
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The Lion Hotel is nice enough and in a good location of you need to be close to the railway station but the service we got was truly appalling. There appeared to be no record of our booking or pre-payment and we were given "upgraded" rooms for the first night, after which we moved into what we had paid for - rooms which were in fact better. We were asked to pay $40 extra for the first night and we were constantly hassled and harassed by the staff until we made this additional payment. Other gripes? Breakfast (which had also been paid for in advance) was not available, one of our rooms did not have a key, there were tiles missing from one of the bathroom walls, the rooms were not serviced (beds were not made, there was no cleaning and no replacement of toilet paper), the wifi was patchy to say the least and - worst of all - most of the staff, who spoke only Mongolian, were unsmiling and unfriendly to the point of rudeness.
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