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Hotel in Mongolia
EverGreen Hotel (Ulaanbaatar)
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Location: Near railway, Ulaanbaatar
Address: 3rd Subdistrict, Teeverchidiin street -6, Bayangol district, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Hotel Map: See the hotel location on the map
Hotel Description

Evergreen hotel offers luxuriously appointed rooms, restaurant with wide range of gourmet cuisine, Snooker billiard, Sauna and Karaoke rooms. The lobby and reception area are warm and relaxing; they can be used for work too as conference facilities are located on the same level. The heath and beauty center, Spa Sauna, snooker, bar and karaoke all designed. A computer is available in the each rooms to access internet.

Evergreen hotel is less than 10 minutes walk from railway train station in Ulaanbaatar city. It is relaxing and enjoyable hotel in the downtown. Offer wide range of facilities and well equipped rooms.
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Two of the reception ladies were extremely helpful and friendly. Unfortunaly one day none of these two were here, and we had a problem with the rest of the staff about payment of a third night (we booked two nights online), but fortunately we could resolve it the next day when one of the nice ladies was back. The room was big, confortable and clean. Only negative thing was strong smell of cigarette smoke. For Mongolian standards good value for money. Unfortunately breakfast was horrible, very greasy with strange sausage. In the room you have a brochure where they write you can choose between three breakfast options, but you can't. You just get something which is not at all what is written there. They didn't even have tea to drink, only instant coffee. Check out time also is not correct in the brochure, there they write it's 12 o'clock noon, but in reality it's 11:30, they even wanted to get us out of the room at 10:30 because they had some new guests coming.
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Mongolian Online Hotels Network has been working with Mongolia Hotels since June, 2009. The hotel number is increasing every year and today there are more than 300 hotels in Mongolia. From them, 50 hotels of Mongolia have rated with 1-5 star and almost all of best rated hotels are in capital Ulan-Bator. The capital Ulaanbaatar and countryside 45 hotels have joined with Mongolia Hotels and it is included cheap Mongolia hotels, budget countryside hotels and luxury Ulan-Bator hotels. The Ulaanbaatar hotels are 20 and Mongolia countryside hotels are 23 in our joined Mongolia Hotels. From Ulaanbaatar hotels, there are 5 star 2 hotel, 4 star 4 hotels, 3 star 14 hotels, and not yet rated 2 hotels on Mongolian Online Hotel Network.
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