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Bayankhongor province is situated in the South-Western part of Mongolia, This province is called the Area of the three zones. The province borders in certain places with the People's Republic of China. It was established in 1941 and the administrative center is Bayankhongor which is 620 km away from its capital, Ulaanbaatar. The total territory is 116,000 square kilometerswith a population of 82,000 people.Bayankhongor, which means rich chestnut is home to wild camels and asses and the extremely rare Gobi bear.
The north is dominated by the Khangai mountain range and the south is part of the Gobi Desert. This region includes mountains of Mongol Altai range. The climate of the aimag is same that of rest of the country, extreme hot and cold weathers. The average altitude of the Bayankhongor aimag is 750-4,000 m above sea level. Popular destinations are:
Shargaljuut Rashaan - well-known health spa is at an altitude of 1492m and consists of over 300 springs that vary in temperature from very hot to icy cold. The water includes hydro carbonate, carbonate, sulfate and sodium.
Boontsagaan Nuur - at an altitude of 1326m and level covers an area of 248km. Due to the earthquake of 1975, the area expanded significantly. The lake is home to endangered bird species including Relic Gull, Whooper Swan and Geese which are listed in the Red Book of Mongolia.
Uran Khairkhan Mountain -mountain was a blacksmith place during the Stone Age period. Hundreds of stone weapons were found around this area hence it became the most ancient findings of stone weapons found in Mongolia.
Gazriin Khagarkhai - this crack was formed during the 11.0 magnitude earthquake that hit Ikh Bogd Mountain in 1957.
Ekhiil Gol Oasis - consisting of 3 springs, and covers an area of 17km by 15km. rare trees including Tooroi and Suhai are grown in the area around the oasis.

There are 2 tourist camps named Goviin temee /Gobi camel/ tourist camp and Mandukhai tourist camp, 1 guesthouse Monos and 2 resorts Shargaljuut resort and Ukhug resort in Bayankhongor province.In the capital town 6 hotels are accommodating guests, the Bayankhongor hotels are Urandush hotel, Negdelchin hotel, Khongor hotel, Jargalant hotel, Enkh-Nomun hotel and Soul hotel. These hotels Bayankhongor are 8 to 90 beds and most of the rooms have shower and bathroom. Main facilities are conference hall, restaurant, karaoke and VIP room.
However, as it is almost impossible to book local hotels directly, Mongolian Online Hotels Network is connected with hotels in every province. So you can book your Local Hotel online and we will be the bridge between YOU and your local strong>HOTEL.

The following Hotel is our contracted partner hotel in Bayankhongor city, Bayankhongor province. Although Mongolia countryside hotels are not yet Real Time Online, you can book in 2 business days and we will inform you about availability of local Hotel via your email.

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Negdelchin Hotel (Bayankhongor) - Mongolian Hotel's Trusted Online Reservation Portal

Negdelchin Hotel (Bayankhongor) Negdelchin Hotel (Bayankhongor), Hotel Booking Mongolia

The Negdelchin hotel was built in 1986 in Bayankhongor province. This hotel re owned and restored in August 2005. The Negdelchin hotel has 30 rooms and 100 beds. The facilities are conference hall, cafe, shower, internet and cable TV. It is located little bit out of center and around 1 km from the main square of Bayankhongor province.

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Mongolian Online Hotels Network has been working with Mongolia Hotels since June, 2009. The hotel number is increasing every year and today there are more than 300 hotels in Mongolia. From them, 50 hotels of Mongolia have rated with 1-5 star and almost all of best rated hotels are in capital Ulan-Bator. The capital Ulaanbaatar and countryside 45 hotels have joined with Mongolia Hotels and it is included cheap Mongolia hotels, budget countryside hotels and luxury Ulan-Bator hotels. The Ulaanbaatar hotels are 20 and Mongolia countryside hotels are 23 in our joined Mongolia Hotels. From Ulaanbaatar hotels, there are 5 star 2 hotel, 4 star 4 hotels, 3 star 14 hotels, and not yet rated 2 hotels on Mongolian Online Hotel Network.
Countryside hotels have been joining with us Mongolia Hotels booking since November 2010. Mongolia countryside hotels are from 21 aimags (provinces), such as Arkhangai, Gobi-Altai, Bayan-Ulgii, Darkhan-Uul, Dornod, Dornogobi, Khentii, Khovd, Khuvsgul, Orkhon-Uul, Selenge, Sukhbaatar, Uvs, Uvurkhangai and Zavkhan. Among the joined Mongolia countryside hotels, there are 2 star 1 hotel, 1 star 1 hotel and other local hotels are not yet rated.

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